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Who We Are

Nimble. Professional. Exceptional.

Led by a team of ex-Deloitte management consultants, we are specialists in high-performance business & management solutions.

Outperform Your Competitors

High Performance Management Consulting


Our Difference

Our approach is designed for you to achieve bigger & better results with us, than you would on your own.

We offer specialised services, focused on what we are best at.

Compete On Your Terms

High Performing Business Models


We Specialise In High Performance

Our main job is to create and deliver exceptional value for our clients and this means that we have a duty and obligation to be the only viable choice and your leading go-to source for high performance coaching, consulting and business advisory offerings.

The Secret Weapon Of High Achievers

High Performance Executive Coaching


Why We Exist

Our SuperPower is passionately serving fast growing, medium-size and other companies & organisations to help them achieve business goals and objectives better, faster and more efficiently than anyone else.

Increase Revenue. Decrease Doubt. Grow Exponentially.

High Performance Business Coaching


Our Expertise

Our diverse team of experts include local and global specialist independent coaches & consultants that cut across sectors and industries, bringing expertise, experience & insight wherever you are.

Get Your Management Team Aligned

High Performance Workshops


client Testimonials

Your service is super-easy to use.

Nicole. M

You don't know how much you've helped me in my business.

Karabo. T

A boutique firm that knows what it's doing.

Paula. J

It's like having your own boardroom of experts, I love it.

Natasha. P

This is more than just business advisory - it's simply ground-breaking.

Marius. J

I get exactly what I need and when I need it to grow my business.

Johan v. R

You guys rock! I'm telling everyone about you.

Daniel. C

Sell Better. Grow Faster.

High Performance Selling


Ordinary Is Not Good Enough

The world of business is changing on a daily basis. Businesses that desire to be the best, need the right expertise. That is why we are here.

Get Your People Performing Optimally

High Performing Teams


Winning Is A Choice

We are here for the ambitious, who believe that winning is a choice and who want to win in business today and into the future.

Go From Likes To Getting Results

High Performance Social Media Marketing


We Are On A Mission

We are driven by a singularly minded purpose of raising the value of all things that we are associated with and we look forward to working with you.

Our Team to serve you

Bashir Khan

Bashir is passionate about providing his expertise in the area of business strategy, business models and helping clients reinvent their business, teams and individuals.

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Raksha Makan

Raksha is highly experienced, helping business and executive leaders succeed and enjoy significant business results with next level Executive & Business Coaching.

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Cohen Garryn

Cohen helps elevate your brand and manage your social media channels, having done work for the likes of Outsurance, Uber, Liberty Life & other high-profile clients.

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For Managers & Teams

High Performance Leadership Training

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Customised Solutions

We welcome the opportunity to provide customised solution for your unique requirements.

Sustainable Enterprise Supplier Development

High Performing Start-Ups & SMEs'

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Building Something Extraordinary?

Let Us Help You With Our Corporate Incubator

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