Vision To Value Workshop

Vision To Value Workshop

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Our one-day Vision To Value Workshop is a power-packed session meant to help the serious entrepreneur realise their ambitions for starting a new venture.

Often the entrepreneurial founder wants to move at speed to create the venture, without giving serious thought to exactly how the vision will be realised, which may cause and lead to expensive consequences and mistakes.

The purpose of the workshop is therefore to de-risk getting into a business venture without really understanding what it takes to make it a success.

It's about winning at the game of business before the game is played.

Workshop Modalities & Outcomes

This workshop provides a clear line of sight with regards to the following:

1. Unpacking the business model for the intended venture;

2. Understanding exactly how value will be created; 

3. Identifying innovative offerings that offer better value and/or service than existing players;

4. To the extent possible, discovering unknowns and fixing blind-spots; and

5. Knowing when to bring on board the right people, at the right time to unlock the opportunity and progress forward.

The outcome of this workshop is to ensure that there is both a strategic, as well as financial soundness in the understanding of pursuing the intended venture and doing so makes business sense.

The workshop is ideally held at a venue selected by the lead entrepreneur and includes all the relevant materials & stationery for up to 5-6 participants.

Next Steps

As the next step in the process and depending on the nature, timing and extent of the funding required, as well as how the venture moves forward, one of the following documents can then be considered for drafting:

A. Pitch Deck; or

B. Business Case; or

C. Business Plan.