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Standard Business Process Review

Standard Business Process Review

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Detailed process description with a risk and control assessment

This service entails our team reviewing a specific process within your business, documenting the individual steps followed in the process and identifying existing and potential risks. With your input we assess the likelihood and impact of the risks. We also identify whether you have adequate and effective internal controls already built into the process to mitigate against the risks. Where we identify gaps in the process, we make recommendations for improvement to ensure your internal control system is effective in mitigating process risks.

Your deliverables include:

  • A detailed process description
  • A process specific risk and control assessment
  • A report detailing any gaps in the process, together with recommendations for improvement.

The Standard Business Process Review is particularly useful where you are starting up your business and require a basic record of your process, which analyses the risks and controls in place, and identifies where you can make improvements to mitigate risks before they materialise.

This service is provided virtually, on-line. Prices include VAT.

You can select the service offering based on the size of your business (turnover of R20 million, R40 million or R60 million plus).

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