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Outsourced Chairman

Outsourced Chairman

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Get our seasoned expert to provide the role of outsourced chairman to your business/organisation. 

We will provide a sound, objective and external perspective on the following aspects of the business:

  1. Review your financials and budgets
  2. Review your performance dashboard 
  3. Review your business strategy
  4. Review your business model
  5. Align your team to common goals
  6. Review your board minutes
  7. Chair your meetings in a formal and structured manner
  8. Raise and facilitate the discussion of important issues
  9. Ask robust questions and focus on business issues without emotion
  10. Play the role of executive coach to team members on addressing behavioural issues
  11. Hold the executive team accountable to achieve the goals and targets
Pricing is on a monthly basis and this service is provided virtually, on-line.