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Increasing focus on Integrated Reporting & ESG Awareness Workshop

Increasing focus on Integrated Reporting & ESG Awareness Workshop

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This workshop will assist your staff in understanding the increasing focus on Integrated Reporting and ESG aspects, including:

  • What ESG encompasses and what is meant by ESG Reporting, including
    • Current and future trends in ESG reporting
    • How ESG is attracting investment
    • What ESG metrics you should measure and
    • Practical steps to implement ESG in your business
  • What is meant by Integrated Reporting, including:
    • Key concepts such as integrated thinking and value creation
    • The Integrated Reporting Framework and what it requires
  • Assurance over Integrated and ESG Reporting, including:
    • Who is responsible for the Integrated Report
    • Why assurance over the Integrated Report is important
    • The role of the Internal Auditor in IR and ESG Reporting

This workshop can be run for all levels of staff to enhance their understanding of the Integrated and ESG Reporting or targeted to the individuals / teams responsible for collating the information and drafting the organization’s Integrated Report.

The workshop takes an average of 3 hours.

Workshop size is limited to 15 persons maximum at a time.

This service is provided virtually, on-line.