Design Thinking For SMEs

Design Thinking For SMEs

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Design Thinking provides a solution-based approach to solving problems and a way of thinking. This helps SMEs redefine problems in an attempt to identify alternative strategies and solutions that might not be instantly apparent.

The purpose of the workshop is to help SMEs with:

- Idea generation

- Getting ideas out of the head & into the physical world

- Refine & improve solutions

Costs include all training materials and handouts supplied to participants electronically.

ToolKit: All participants receive a set of tools/templates so that they can implement the learnings immediately.


- Complimentary 45 min Mentoring to the value of R780 per SME

- Complimentary SME Diagnostic to the value of R1,720 per SME

- Design Thinking ToolKit to the value of R2,720 per SME

Duration: 1 Day            

Delivery: Live On-Line        

ToolKit: Yes

Pricing: as indicated per SME or R4,770 per SME for Groups of 25+