Strategy Consulting


In a market that never sleeps, businesses need to understand how best to survive, compete and excel while leveraging their existing and unique capabilities, and at the same time, have a compelling plan that guides them from the present into the future.

The starting point of all strategy is: where are you now, where do you want to be and what is the journey that the business needs to take?


Our sought-after Gap & Grow Analysis helps understand exactly where the gaps to growth are in the business and once this holistic view is completed, there are a number of interventions that can follow, such as:

  1. Board & Exco Strategy Facilitation
  2. Business Unit Level Strategy Facilitation
  3. Deep-dive into hot-spots identified during the Gap & Grow Analysis
  4. Strategy cascading throughout the organisation
  5. One To One / Team Executive & Business Coaching
  6. Strategy Implementation / Business Growth Accountability Plan

High Performing Business Model

Unless you have a business model that you have created for yourself, have bought into and have diligently applied in every key area of your business or organisation, what you would typically experience is frustration, uncertainty and putting money in all the wrong places.

Remember: at any point in time, you are two businesses/organisations: the business you are in and the business you are becoming.


It's time to fix your business or organisation by crafting a High Performing Business Model, that you own and can implement without delay. This is done with the most senior people in the business or organisation crafting the high performing business model, in a workshop format.

Desired Result

You now have your own high performance business model that your management team can use immediately. You are more focused and now exactly where your best resources can be deployed to yield the best results for your business / organisation.

Our approach is customised for a business/organisation’s unique requirements.


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