Subscriptions Plan Options

Depending on your chosen plan, the GrowthSmiths smart platform allows independent professionals to earn up to five (5) revenue streams from:

  • your hourly rate
  • digital downloads and templates
  • annuity fees
  • referrals fees on solutions 
  • all other sales from what your team sells

We have the following subscription plan options for independent coaching & consulting professionals:

Option 1. GrowthSmith Consultant

With this plan, you no longer need a website. Receive a complete suite of tools to help clients get to success faster by bringing speed, accuracy and precision to your work product & solutions. 

Your brand is shared across a broad range of services, tools and solutions that you are part of, allowing your clients and the global market to access and purchase all solutions that you are associated with, instantly off our platform, including:

  • Access to the GrowthSmiths Sales Pipeline Software
  • Sales Support from the collective sales team 
  • Brand Support from our brand team

You invoice us accordingly for fees generated on your collective sales on a monthly basis.

This is recurring subscription, with the option to cancel after 3 months:

Consultant Associate Subscription – GrowthSmiths (

Option 2. Provincial Lead

This meant for ex-managers and seniors having significant experience. This includes all the benefits of Option 2, plus:

  • Placement of your personal brand on the main page of our platform
  • Video CV accompanying your personal brand
  • Use of the brand: "GrowthSmiths Provincial Lead" on LinkedIn

You invoice us accordingly for fees generated on your collective sales on a monthly basis.

This is recurring subscription, with the option to cancel after 3 months:

Provincial Lead Subscription – GrowthSmiths (

Option 3. Service Line Leader

The ultimate way to become part of the GrowthSmiths ecosystem and available to serious and committed professionals on application.

If you are have/about to exit formal employment or you are an independent consultant that has an innovative service/solution package or a desire to build one and take it to market without delay, join our team to create your very own service line using our proprietary model.

Here we are seeking self-starting, independent professionals throughout South Africa. Using the GrowthSmiths business engine, we want people who are diligent, qualified and know what they doing to join us to design and develop their own set of solutions in the following disciplines (but limited thereto):

  1. Management
  2. Marketing
  3. Information technology
  4. Finance
  5. Recruitment
  6. Change Management
  7. Crisis Management
  8. Analysis
  9. Business Models
  10. Communication
  11. Financial Management
  12. Leadership
  13. Marketing
  14. Organisation
  15. Processes
  16. Logistics
  17. Strategy
  18. SME Development
  19. Start-Ups
  20. Innovation
  21. Outsourcing

You will create offerings and solutions for your service line using our business chassis and we will support you with robust marketing, sales and sales pipeline systems & technology, as well as a robust sales support engine to boot.

About You 

  • You are a self-starter who makes things happen.
  • You have the right attitude, energy, commitment and drive.
  • You have solid experience in any of the following related fields & disciplines: Consulting, Management Consulting, Business Strategy, Facilitation, Workshops, Business Development & Sales.
  • You have a formal tertiary qualification which is preferable, with at least 15-20 years of experience in a related field.
  • You have a strong business network that is current and relevant.
  • You are an independent professional who probably own their own business and/or consulting practice.
  • You are have or are about to exit formal employment and seeking to expand your possibilities for growth and opportunities.
  • You are strong in service delivery and may need help with selling the solutions you create.

Service Line Leaders pay an on-boarding fee +  a monthly subscription. Subject to our discretion and as our investment in the process, we can waive the on-boarding fee.

This is a recurring subscription:

Service Line Leader Subscription – GrowthSmiths (

E-Mail & Signature

Subject to approval, consultants on any of the paid options can add an e-mail subscription to their package:

GrowthSmiths E-Mail & Signature (

Option 4. Global Growth Partners 

Global Growth Partners are highly experienced, networked, with an incredible passion and commitment to grow our brand globally.

By invitation.