High Performance Selling

Selling and Sales is the heart of every profit-driven business or organisation. 

Investing in sales training helps you stay competitive, empowers your team, provides better support customers, and wins business — it can produce strong salespeople that will continue to deliver ongoing value for your business and grow your client base.

We have the following programmes on offer:

1. High Performance Sales Strategy

One of the biggest reasons why you may not be succeeding in sales, may be due to the fact that you don't have a cohesive sales strategy that is directing your best resources to the best opportunities. 

Without a proper sales strategy, your sales team (and potentially your entire business or organisation) may be suffering.

Leading from the top, this programme covers the following key elements:

  • What is Sales Strategy
  • Why is Sales Strategy Important
  • Sales Models
  • The Sales Cycle
  • Sales Distribution
  • Customer Relationship
  • Sales Control & Measurement

Audience: this programme is designed for managers and senior managers of sales teams.

Duration: 3 days

Number Of Attendees: from 6 attendees upwards

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E-mail: bashir@thegrowthsmiths.com