High Performance Executive & Business Coaching

High performance coaching is a unique blend of exceptional experience and expertise and helping executives, business owners and entrepreneurs to achieving more; holding them accountable in a smart, structured and purposeful way that creates positive change and meaningful results.


Our coaching is designed to provide a more immersive, focused and results-driven approach, which can also include Teams.

Being incredibly results-driven and focused, with proper accountability tracking & monitoring, high-performance coaching is for those committed to being their best.


  1. Executive Coaching: transformational leadership development on a whole new level.
  2. Business Coaching: improved business performance & results.


  1. Executive Coaching: Raksha Makan | raksha@thegrowthsmiths.com | 083 389 0231
  2. Business Coaching: Bashir Khan | bashir@thegrowthsmiths.com | 083 266 9175