Facilitated Private High Performance Business Growth Workshop

Working with your executive and management team at a chosen venue over 3 days, we’ll help you get clarity on your growth strategy and gain focus on what matters to make it a high performing business to:

✓ Sustain Growth

✓ Strengthen Culture

✓ Inspire Agility

✓ Make Bold Moves

✓ Accelerate Innovation

Why you need the high performance business growth workshop?

✓ Create a culture of high performance that everyone buys into.

✓ Lay the foundations for sustainable growth.

✓ Uncover your unique strategic proposition.

✓ Define your annual, quarterly and 90-day individual action plans

✓ Introduce a communication rhythm to get your team moving in the same direction.

Some of the challenges we will help you overcome

  1. You’re struggling to identify your ideal/core customers and their drivers of willingness to pay.
  2. You’ve hit a plateau in your growth journey.
  3. You’ve lost sight of the direction your business is heading.
  4. You need help pivoting your strategic vision and business model.
  5. Your team has lost focus and direction.

What you get from the workshop

✓ Gain greater clarity on your vision and how to execute it.

✓ An aligned and connected team with a shared purpose.

✓ Actionable steps that you can implementing immediately.

✓ A strategic advantage over your competition by having identified the drivers of willingness to pay of your core customer.

✓ A clear definition of what success looks like in your business and how to measure it.

✓ Identify key projects that galvanise the team towards achieving results that matter.

✓ Have a cohesive high performance dashboard that everyone can use to measure results.

Your Facilitator

With more than 27 years of cumulative knowledge and experience working with over 1,830 businesses and organisations across industries and markets, Bashir Khan will be your facilitator over the three days.

Book a call with Bashir here and let's explore how we can help you: