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Executive Coach

Executive Coach

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Executive Coaches are highly sought after.

The Executive Coach certification is ideal for seasoned and experienced professionals seeking to become executive coaches.

This type of coaching provides the top leaders (managers) within an organization with tools and strategies for improvement. Executive coaching focuses on the corporate environment level, help manage their team better, generate new ideas and perspectives and boost business performance.

This certification would suit individuals who enjoy working with and developing senior and C-suite talent, as well as independent professionals seeking to provide executive coaching as a service and differentiate themselves.

Our experts will work one on one with you through the specialist components, taking you through an executive coaching model and process that becomes part of your Toolkit (tools, techniques & frameworks), showing you everything you need to succeed. If you operate as an independent consultant, our expert will show you how to get your 1st three paying clients.

Growth Academy certificate + COMENSA membership for one year on completion of the programme.

Enrolment is limited to a maximum of 5 people per intake, with company branding option for groups.

  • Duration: 52 Hours
  • Delivery:  On-Line
  • Intensity: High              
  • Toolkit: Yes            
  • Enrolment: Monthly          
  • COMENSA Membership: Yes
  • Hard Copy Manual
  • 30 Days Support Post Certification
  • Complimentary Tracking Journal