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Business Growth ToolKit

Business Growth ToolKit

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The Business Growth ToolKit is a power-packed manual that helps you figure out your business growth journey quickly, efficiently and without wasting valuable time.

The manual covers the following elements for you to work through for your company or organisation:

1. Business diagnosis

- 360 degree assessment of the total business/organization

- Developing the Growth Equation

2. 4 ways to grow

  1. Revenue Growth
  2. Cost Reduction
  3. Grow Market Share
  4. Optimise Assets

3. Across 3 growth paths

  1. Normal Growth
  2. Differential Growth
  3. Exponential Growth

4. Digital & social media Strategy

- Understanding gaps in the marketing mix and customer journey

- Growth strategy formulation & evaluation

5. Putting together the business growth strategy

Upon purchase, the toolkit will be automatically e-mailed to you for immediate use.