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Collection: BEE Verification & Advisory

BEE Verification Services

Through our partner, AMAX BEE Verifications, we assist businesses in managing economic empowerment opportunities and risks. Doing so helps our clients excel in the new South African economy, including EME’s, QSE’s and large Generic companies, across all sectors in the economy.

AMAX BEE Verifications is accredited by SANAS to issue B-BBEE certificates in the Codes of Good Practice (Notice 36928 of 2013 and Notice 112 of 2007) as well as all Sector Codes as listed below:

  • Agriculture
  • Finance
  • Forestry
  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Construction 
  • Integrated Transport
  • Property
  • Tourism
  • Marketing, Advertising & Communication (MAC)
  • Defence

AMAX does its BEE Verifications according to SANAS R47-03. The rating will assist companies in identifying and understanding their own, unique empowerment status like risks and opportunities to improve on future ratings.

AMAX BEE Verifications ratings can also be used by public and private sector institutions and companies to assign supply, licensing and financing benefits more efficiently and effectively thus benefiting sustainable empowerment entities.

BEE Consulting

Swift Consulting is our preferred BEE consulting partner, focussing on tailor-made solutions for outcome-based B-BBEE change and consistency and helps clients with the following types of consulting solutions:

  • Ownership Solutions - provide unique and specific solutions on different ownership structures that is unique to every company and their needs.​
  • Scenario Planning - draft and implement a plan specific for any clients needs and level that need to be on.
  • Management & Employee Solutions - provide specific advice on which employment equity structures would be in the best interest of the client.
  • Skills & Learnership Solutions - through analysis,  help give accurate targets on different areas that skills development expenditure needs to be implemented that would benefit the company in the best way.
  • Procurement Solutions - assist with specific procurement solutions for any company size that would be of the best benefit for each company and ensure that it is sustainable.
  • Enterprise & Supplier Development Solutions - assist with Supplier and Enterprise Development contributions and sourcing of specific companies.
  • Social Economic Development Solutions: assist with different options on Socio-Economic Development contributions that is beneficial to the company and the NPO.
  • BEE Verification File Compilation - assist with compiling a verification pack of all the evidence that can be sent to a verification agency to be used for a verification.


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