The Power Of Resiliency Coaching During A Crisis

Resiliency Coaching is ideal when an organisation is faced with a crisis and team members need support to overcome the crisis situation.

There are three phases that need to be unpacked, involving leaders, teams and the entire organisation moving in sync:

  1. Response - this phase requires rapid assessment, meaningful action with precise communication, with the focus on surviving the immediate impact of the crisis.
  2. Recovery - the focus here is stabilizing the organization, ensuring that the business core remains intact. In many instances, Response and Recovery happen simultaneously to maximize resources & impact. 
  3. Resilience - You don't want to make the same mistake twice and here it's critical for everyone to strengthen the five core pillars, namely
  • Self-Awareness
  • Mindfulness
  • Self-Care
  • Positive Relationships¬†
What's Needed
A Resilience Coach needs to work with you in creating your Crisis Action Plan based on the unique needs of your organization, helping you to prioritize, organize, synthesize and energize efforts and resources for optimal outcomes, focussing on critical areas such as:
  • Leadership Priorities¬†to anchor your actions during the crisis
  • Operational Clarity¬†to focus the attention of you, your team, and the organization
  • Internal & External Communication¬†to bring consistency, confidence, and continuity to your organization
  • Team Cohesion & Performance¬†to support your key staff during the crisis
  • Customers & Customer Relations¬†to help your clients understand what you are doing and what you stand for
  • Procurement & Supply Chain Management¬†to identify where you may be most susceptible to disruption


  • Improved focus and decision making
  • Reduced stress - both at work and at home
  • Improved co-operation and communication skills
  • Increased self-awareness and empathy
  • Greater motivation and increased energy
  • Increased creativity and productivity
  • Increased capability and confidence
  • Greater self-belief and courage

Are You Facing A Business Crisis?

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