Piecing Together The Importance Of Processes

  • Piecing Together The Importance Of Processes

    In any organization there are various types of business processes. Usually, we can distinguish three specific types:

    Core processes – these are the processes which your business uses to create value and generate revenue. The core, or primary processes, are focussed on what your business does across the value-chain. 

    Support processes – these are the processes that serve the “internal clients” in your business. Examples include your Human Resources and IT processes – while they may not directly generate revenue, your business will not be able to survive without their support. Your support processes make the core processes possible.

    Management processes – these do not directly generate income but optimize the ability to generate revenue and ensure ongoing success and survival of the business. Management processes involve measurement of performance and results, in addition to managing risks and opportunities. It also requires regulatory compliance and ensuring that financial budgets and targets are met.