How Resilient Is Your Business Strategy?

If the lock-downs and impact of COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is the inability to respond to crisis situations and many businesses and organisations were left unprepared - some failed, others survived and few thrived.

As a result, companies and organisations don’t achieve their desired performance outcomes because their business strategy is not rooted in reality, does not have enough stretch and assumes perfect market conditions without any challenges or crises.

In other cases, the strategy may merely have been a cut and paste exercise of the previous year.

Strategy Resiliency Audit

A business / organisational strategy resiliency audit is an in-depth review and assessment of your business strategy to assess it's ability to withstand challenges.

You need a strategy audit for your organisation when any of the following conditions are present:

  1. You are constantly is crisis mode
  2. Business performance is lagging
  3. You are not hitting performance targets
  4. The business strategy needs an overall
  5. Your business / organisation is losing traction
  6. Competitors are eating away at your market share
  7. Teams are unsure how to execute the business strategy
  8. Customers are losing faith in your ability to serve them
  9. Teams don’t know how to execute the business strategy
  10. A change in business conditions has made the existing strategy irrelevant

Our Approach

We assess and review your strategy in depth, across 16 key areas and over 200 touch-points. 

We show you exactly where there may be weaknesses in your strategy, the severity thereof and what needs to be done to fix it. In addition, we can help you determine which resources need to be assigned to the strategy and work with your team to understand the quantum of time and resources needed to execute details of the strategy. 

Be Prepared

Get a thorough business strategy audit done with GrowthSmiths today and bring greater certainty to achieving measurable results and performance.